Here are some of the lines Fantasy World has to purchase . We always try to keep a wide range of lines in our stores , but it would be impossible for us to stock every style in every size in each shop - if you live close to one of our stores , please call in for a browse , HOWEVER if you've seen a specific costume you'd like you are best to order it on line . Once you have placed an order on line , you will receive an email within 24hr confirming availability and giving you a delivery date .We pride ourselves on fast shipping with most orders being delivered within 2-3 days .
Air Hostess - Atlantic wkd-ef-2063Air Hostess - Atlantic 27.50
Air Hostess / Stewardess - British wkd-ef-2064Air Hostess / Stewardess - British 25.00
Baby Boy sm-28602Baby Boy 20.00
Baywatch Guy / Lifeguard sm-36584Baywatch Guy / Lifeguard 27.00
Bond Girl - Russian Spysm-32958Bond Girl  - Russian Spy30.00
Cheerleader wkd-ef-2153Cheerleader 17.00
Clown - female -"Coco" wkd-ef-2087Clown - female -"Coco" 24.00
Convict - Ladies 3 piece sm-33723Convict - Ladies 3 piece 27.00
Convict / Prisoner sm-963186Convict / Prisoner 14.50
Crazy Clown wkd-ef-3085Crazy Clown 34.00
Cutie Clown wk-sf-0131Cutie Clown 18.00
Dr Kill Joy / Dr Death palm-3312Dr Kill Joy / Dr Death 30.00